This New Mexico cult favorite beats out your favorite burger chain— here’s what it’s like

Lotaburger, a New Mexico chain, has topped our favorite burger brand in New Mexico not just Taos.

Every year, Lotaburger is our No.1  burger spot in Taos, New Mexico.

Lotaburger has  no-frills approach and a humble yet solid menu shows how it grabbed our favoritism.

Long live the green chile cheeseburger at Lotaburger.

The New Mexican chain famous for its green chile chee aptly named “LOTA Burger” and myriad toppings, once again claimed our must eat spot in “Burger” category.

Lotaburger competes against other famous burger chains  in Taos.

We visited the Lotaburger on the northside of Taos there is a southside location also. It’s worth the hype. Here’s what happened:

It’s truly counter service — order at the counter, pick up your food at the counter.

The menu is sans frills and flourishes. You can order burgers with choice of toppings, hot dogs, fries, and soda. Get this they offer Hatch green chile – so order it. The prices are afforable, with the largest burger option just under $5.

If you want, you can watch your entire burger be cooked and prepared from the grill to the bag in the open kitchen.

It’s the same with the fries. Sizes run from medium to large. They’re amazing — I recommend the  savory “seasoned” fries.

With your choice of  toppings, there are endless combinations, but it’s still a good old-fashioned burger. There are no premium options or special burgers to satisfy the fickle gourmand.

Your burger will be, inevitably, a patty — or two — in a  bun with whatever you decide to put on it, be it onions, cheese, bacon, pickles, tomato, etc., of extraordinary quality or freshness.

Is it an adrenaline-pumping, taste-bud-bewildering experience? Yes. It’s a simple Green chile cheese burger that’s filling and delicious in a guilty sort of way. Lotaburger is comfortable with that approach — and it’s working.

There’s something to be said for restaurants that serve an honest, humble burger in a no-frills environment. It’s the classic American burger enterprise with a New Mexican twist.


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