Located in the El Monte Sagrado Hotel,The Anaconda bar is a great place not just for drinks offering a full bar but an excellent ear menu featuring New Mexican favorites. In a unique setting that has a features  a snake belly – this place has great ambiance. If you’re not staying at the hotel this is a great destination to dine and have drink. The bar offers seating at the the bar itself and cozy lounge seating. You can start with a skinny Margarita why you study the menu. 

There are delicious and flavorful options on the bar menu. Our favorite is the chile cheese fries which we chose as Christmas (includes red and green chile). The next thing we love  at the Anaconda bar is Smoked mega mac and cheese which offers a great green chili flavor. One of the most recommended things on the menu would be Carne adovada burrito and you must choose red chile to stay with tradition.

 We did see other guests enjoying the Frito pie and the cheese enchiladas.While the menu is small everything on the menu packs flavor-  the downside of the Anaconda are event’s that take up much of the staff’s efforts and leaves the service level lacking. If you’re staying at the El Monte Sagrado this is a great place for a night in.

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