Orlandos is Taos New Mexico’s favorite restaurant.  The acclaim comes from visitor’s and local’s alike.

“Give a man a fire and he is warm for a day, but set fire to him and he’s warm for the rest of his life.”  Terry Hatchett

The team there have risen to the occasion and have been consistent over and over.   Part of the success of Orlando’s is the location right off of 501 or the Main Street it’s easy to find.   A full parking lot is the sign of “why don’t we eat there?”.  In restaurants as in real estate – “location, location, location!”.   Orlando’s plays the cards right but let’s give them real credit.

The food here is awesome (AWESOME), consistent flavorful, ORIGINAL NEW MEXICAN food.  Boastful red chile kicks ass because hey it’s genuinely good.   Everything made here is tasteful and consistent.  (we have come here for over 5 years).

There are many options,  the Tres Colores is probably a good go to, but…. The best choice here is a
(Christmas) Green and Red Enchiladas with shredded beef or shrimp.

The best choice is to try both red and green chile.  Add blue corn tortillas.  Let the magic happen from there.

We love the shredded beef enchiladas Christmas.

I am not sure it’s a family team at Orlando’s= but the best service and people that care about your experience is important here.  I have heard that other places have better service.   But at Orlando’s I feel like a local and the smiles are genuine.

Orlando’s is a must if you are in Taos.  If you are a foodie it will be a treat. If you are hungry this is fast and delicious.  The people make Orlando’s a great place to eat.  There are a ton of locals saying hi, what is up, etc,   But everything is genuine.

The food here is over the top.  We love the AMAZING flavors.  The red and the green and no one chooses!

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