August is the traditional travel month worldwide and in the U.S., it is a last minute trip before school begins.  For us here at Best Restaurants Taos it’s time for our annual travel and press trip to New Mexico and more specifically to Taos, New Mexico.

Taos is a special place.  It is close to our home base of Denver, Colorado but far enough away to be special. We make it a point to get to Taos a few times a year not just to work but to enjoy what Taos has to offer – and the FOOD!

Taos known for being an ‘energy center’ , offers a truly unique travel experience. Those who travel to Taos will find art, entertainment, shopping and outdoors activities. Whether you’re an adventure junkie who wants to run the Up and Over race on Taos Mountain, or a foodie with a taste for spice, Taos is your destination. Visit Taos for the fiery food, adventures, ski escape, and cultural events. Look to our website  as a guide for more information on the activities and restaurants that can’t be missed.


Things Not to Miss in Taos

  • Skiing the slopes at the Taos Ski Valley
  • Driving across the 10-mile Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
  • Relaxing at El Monte Sagrado Spa
  • Getting your red chile fix at Orlando’s
  • Running Up and Over 10K

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